How to create an article

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Click on the private folder tab. Click on the plus sign of the relevant folder. Click on "add an article".

  1. The title (top)
  2. Save button (top left)
  3. Content tab (middle left)
  4. Settings tab middle right)
  5. add block of content (footer with a white plus sign)

First lets edit the title. Click inside of it. The toolbar of the text editor will appear. We recommend to avoid any styling on the title. You can however add a link if you wish.

Click on the black footer. A modal window will appear. It contains two icons. The text icon and the item icon. First lets add some text content. Click on the text icon.

A block of content will appear. Notice icons on its right. From left to right:

  1. reduce the block. Once you have reached the limit it will expand to its maximum.
  2. move down
  3. move up
  4. delete

Click inside the block of content. The toolbar will appear. It provides the usual functionalities like bold, italic, etc. You can create table, bullet points, quote, etc.

Click two times on the "reduce/expand" button. We will reduce it by half.

Look in the background, the block of content has been reduced. Click on the plus sign in the dark footer.

Instead of clicking on the content icon, we will click on the item icon. A window will appear. Click on the dropdown menu entitled "folder". Select a folder in the listing. In this case we have created a private folder called illustration.

A listing of items will appear.

Write here your content

We will also reduce the illustration by half. (click two times on the reduce/expand button)

We have now two columns.

Write here your content

We can restart the same process. Add a new block of content below. Bit by bit you will create an illustration with rich illustrations.

  1. You can change the date. Quite handy if you wish to re-order the items of a folder.
  2. Summary. Very important. The summary that will be displayed in the social networks and in the search engines.
  3. Illustration. Respect the recommended size, otherwise the picture might not be displayed in major social networks such as Facebook.

Double check everything and then click on save.