How to monitor a web site and how to create a channel having a specific topic on Dashub

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We just spent the last two years in our cave. Coding all day long, eating only pizzas and drinking only coke :-p. We are now eager to see what the others startups were doing! How do we quickly monitor the european startups scene?

We have only select two sources for this example. We can easily add more. Both are leaders in their own fields. A web site called and a respected influencers Reshma Sohoni  on Twitter. We have already covered the twitter side on this page. So lets focus on the web site.

There are different ways to monitor a web site. You can do it manually, while saving an item. Or using signet. This tutorial will show you how to do it manually. First copy the url (the address) of the web site. 

Click on the wifi icon (top right) of the appropriate channel.

Paste the url into the field. wait a bit. RSS links should appear below the input fiekd if there is anything available. Otherwise it will state that it found nothing.

Don't forget to check the one(s) you wish to keep. On wordpress and other plateform, there is a comment feed. Don't check it unless you really wish to follow the comments on this web site.

Click on save

If you click on the "sources" dropdown menu, you will see that your link is now part of the channel.

Click on the title of the channel to go inside.

The stream of news from this web site is now part of the channel. It is merged with the pre-existing twitter account.