How to save a Youtube video clip  on Dashub

More about:

Copy the url (address) of the video clip you wish to keep from

There are different ways to add an item. Inside your Dashub, click on the "Private deck"  tab. Click on the plus sign to add your link into the corresponding folder.

Or you can click on the folder title. Inside the folder, click on the plus sign (top right).

When you click on the plus signe. A box will appear.

Paste the url (the address) of the web page

Check if the folder is ok on the left of Tag & Save. If it is ok, click on Tag & Save.

The box is divided into 2 parts. The first part is dedicated to the preview.. The second is where you can:

  1. Add tags, quite useful afterwards to links items across channels
  2. Subscribe to the source (add this source to your media deck)
  3. A preview of the video clip you are about to save.

Click on Save when you are done.