European Union Bubble

European Union Bubble

Official sources

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Social accounts

For less than 1 euro per day, you can keep track of all of your topics being discussed by EU spokespeople.  Activate your EU BUBBLE today and don’t miss another EU trick.

  • All web sites of the directorates general
  • The European Parliament web site and all its committees
  • The European Council web site
  • The European commission main web site
  • The new case laws from the European Court of Justice
  • All agencies web sites and their social accounts (Twitter, Facebook,  Youtube, etc.)
  • All MEPs web sites and their social accounts.
  • Top civil servants social accounts


How can I use it?

  • Simply define what you want to follow, have different keywords or combination of keywords
  • Receive alerts up to two times per day.
  • Save what matters into folders/sub folders
  • Quickly communicate what you found with selected contacts.